Wednesday, September 3, 2014

September and Fall on the way!

Well we can hope! We are hot and humid this week. not like it was last month with the wonderful fall like temps and days we had early! Knew was to good to be true!
Looking forward to pulling out the Fall decor items and doing up the place one more time!
Was hoping to have more things made but not so much! Oh well not like I NEED more!
Course it is a bit too early for the fresh squash and pumpkins. Will just add them as they come available.

Planning to attend the Gathering of Primitive Friends at Not Forgotten Farm near Amherst, Va later this month.  May just find a few things to add to my decorating for Fall and Christmas! Looking so forward to it. My niece and I are making it a Gal's weekend get away!

Guess I best get to finding some Fall in these old closets around here!!
Have a good one!


  1. I love the way you folk in the US decorate your homes for the different seasons.
    Have fun on your girlies weekend

  2. I'm with you Lola, it was more fall like here in August, and the last few days it's been warm and muggy. I love fall, and can't wait for those cool days to come and stay!


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