Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Time

 So Memorial Day May 27, 2013 has past. We are now suppose to be enjoying Summer! Well we have been very coolish! Some even put their heat back on! Not us. I enjoy cool rather then the hot and humid days myself.
Pulled out some red, white  and blue!

We had a family gathering on Sunday. So we picnicked inside! Must say enjoyed the easy clean up! Used the vintage patriotic bark cloth runner.

So finally have the antique 1800's samplers hung up!
Yes the one cross stitch work work says Winter! I have to find the Summer and change it out!
I was gifted a pretty red floral plate for Auntie Day(Mother's Day) from niece which will hang on other side from blue plate.

I adore full walls! My version of the country English or French look!