Saturday, December 28, 2013

Christmas Livingroom 2013
 Tree is a real cedar with vintage card ornaments and garland.
 Smells wonderful still.
Cross stitch ornaments on a tree near old wash stand.
 Chest with a small tree.
 Some family pics on this chest. Quilt robed Santa plate.
 Mantle with  cards and ornament wreath.
 Old Santy!
 Redwork snow folk nativity.
 Living room view.
Snow Angel Mandy on top of grandmother clock.

Christmas 2013
 Side buffet with soup tureens.
 Small tree with antique family ornaments some from Germany.
 Table centerpiece.
 The Claus Gingerhouse!
Old pie safe top.
 Santa platter by small tree on buffet.
 Amaryllis bloomed for Christmas Day.
 Table top.
Snow Fella on buffet.

Thursday, October 17, 2013

Fall 2013 Part 2

 Back wall of living room. A lot of antique needlework. Wash stand was used by my mother-in-law in her childhood room.
This runner is a Pat Sloan challenge piece using oranges.  Done a few years ago now!

DH's remotes by his recliner. ;) He does not mind my decorating as long as he can have his roost!

 Wash stand in dining room. We have three antique wash stands. This one has no mirror.

   Fire King bowls. Have a casserole yet to bring out. Forgot it!

 This turkey towel was made for me a few years ago in a swap. Still love his quirkiness!
My prized turkey tureen. Alice and I found in a Smithfield ,Va antique shop.
I do have a few lovely tureens.
The one on end was a Christmas gift 20 yrs or so ago. It has been used often.

I found these dishes in a thrift store in Newport News, Va. maybe 3 yrs ago. Very cheap! The soup bowls are quite large but still fun to use.

The dinner plate has a pretty sunflower and they brighten up the table.
Plate rack wall in dining /kitchen area. Sorry blued pic. Asking Santa for a new camera so must wait.

This owl hanging was one of my first quilted things way back in the 1980's!

Most all of our treasures we have owned for many years. If not family items they were purchased at thrifts, garage sales, country auctions or used stores. Not for a lot of money. I was junk'n long before it was the popular 'sport' it is now. I can recall the look on some faces when I would tell of my trips to thrift stores many years back...OH MY ! hahaha!

Have always loved old things even as a child. Not that I wanted to 'go back in time' to live.
Just loved imagining the life and times of the folks who used the items.
Love a collected look more than a 'one stop shop' one.
There are some lovely reproductions of  'prims' in homes online and in books but for me I like the real thing if I can afford it.
An item can be well used, less than perfect and be perfect for me in my world !

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Again!

Welcome to our Fall of 2013 home! Some things are same  as last year but moved around or changed up in some way.  Ghosts on the mantle with some pumpkins.
Antique oak wash stand in dining room.
 Indian corn in a soup tureen on side board.
Old oil lamp on antique desk.
 Living room. Yes that is a TV. We live in 2013! ;-)

 Front window area. Vintage Queen Anne chairs. I changed out the red drapery for these black floral to match dining room.
 Old dough bowl from my Uncle Bree's family filled with smalls.
 Sofa wall with some of my quilts.
Mercury glass pumpkin with stitchery quilt.
Bake lite on old crazed platter. Have this on dining room table.

This is Fall 2013 Part 1 as Blogger would not let me load up more pics on this post!!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Guestroom summer bedding

We have my mother-in-law's childhood bed in this room. It is an old oak 3/4 bed. At present it has a twin set on it. Thinking may look into finding a mattress to fit it. Did an online search and custom is not that much in price from a premium mattress set.
I had found this toile duvet cover  at the thrift. Was put in linen closet and forgotten!  It is a king size. Had 2 standard shames with it all for 8 bucks!
Was thinking I would trim it up and put old comforter inside.
Changed my mind when I put it on the bed as is. Makes a nice summer spread!
This bed sits pretty high so sides are covered to floor! I like that part.
Have more to finish up for this room. Maybe this will be my productive summer for things  house wise!

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summer Time

 So Memorial Day May 27, 2013 has past. We are now suppose to be enjoying Summer! Well we have been very coolish! Some even put their heat back on! Not us. I enjoy cool rather then the hot and humid days myself.
Pulled out some red, white  and blue!

We had a family gathering on Sunday. So we picnicked inside! Must say enjoyed the easy clean up! Used the vintage patriotic bark cloth runner.

So finally have the antique 1800's samplers hung up!
Yes the one cross stitch work work says Winter! I have to find the Summer and change it out!
I was gifted a pretty red floral plate for Auntie Day(Mother's Day) from niece which will hang on other side from blue plate.

I adore full walls! My version of the country English or French look!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Spring Time

So Winter is suppose to be behind us and Spring finally here!

 This is our simple arrangement on the table.

Oh dear I see my pretty pale yellow hyacinths are over the bloom...;-(
Will have to find some tulips to replace them.

I made the table runner over 9 or 10 yrs ago. Old wooden box I found in the old barn.

The eggs are made from old tattered quilt pieces a friend gave me.
The napkins are toile print as are the plates. Love me some toile!

Wash stand by window.

Even been warm enough to have windows open to air out the Winter Blahs! Or so we hope!
Happy Spring!