Saturday, December 24, 2011

White Christmas Tree

Yes we went with a white tree in our dining room this year!
I love it! It is a small one.
We bought 2 small trees last year at sales.
This one for dining room and one for living room which you can see on my other blog here.

It looks like there is not a lot on it but really is!

Up close you can see all ornies better!
Went with red , candy, ginger folks fun theme.

A tree ornament train set I have had for many years.

I am so lucky that so many of my old glass ornaments have made it unbroken!

Santa suit and hand painted snow fella.

Some ginger folks and candy garland.

What would Christmas be without a truffle!

Sweet pup to remember all our sweet lil beagles.

Jump up Santy!

Lil ginger gal ornie!

Ginger Fella. So cute.

Santy seems stuck in that chimney!

I placed it in front of the china cabinet and mirror.
Works for us! Can enjoy it for Christmas Eve and Christmas meals!

Will share more decor pics later.
Running behind this year!!

Hope you are all set big day is almost here!!!
Happy Christmas!