Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Presidents Day

Oh dear a day late here!
I meant to have this ready to go in auto pilot for Presidents Day but did not happen.
Oh well here is my post anyway!

This is a very pretty toile dish with President Lincoln doing the 1863 Gettysburg Address on it.
I have it hanging in the living room on a rack with three other pieces in same color.
It is a redish pink but not really too much pink or red.

Here is a close up.
It is by Homer Laughlin Historical America china line.
Came to us from DH's Mother.
Love it!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Red Toile Table

For today, Valentine's Day this is our table.
Added hearts made from old salvaged quit pieces.
But we will go back to the one below for every day for a while!

Have table set with these old items.
The Taylor Smith Taylor toile plates are part of a partial set I bought in an antique shop a couple years ago.
Deerfield Silverware I picked up at an estate sale.

These crystal glasses are from the local DAV Thrift!
75 cents a piece. Went one week found just two.
I popped in last week while was at grocery and they had 3 more!
Love that cut ball in stem!
Love the ching sound when we toast a cheer!

The crystal candle hurricanes were gift from DH.
We bought in Williamsburg many years ago.
The crocheted place-mats have to be at least 30 yrs old if not more.
I made the quilted runner...of course. ;-)
The napkins are a set of Waverly I found at Tuesday Morning couple years ago.
I firmly believe you should use and enjoy what you have collected or love.
To me that is the real value of things!

Happy Valentine's Day !!

Please check out some lovely table top setting links at A Stroll Thru Life!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Old New Treasure

We have a new to us old treasure that is wonderful!
It belonged to DH's grandmother.
Aunt Dot who is 92 ,the baby of the family , says it has been in the kitchen as long as she can recall.
Sadly she does not know it's history or how it came to be at the farm.
It is not perfect and has been altered but we LOVE it anyway just as it is!

Too be valued and used all these many long years is amazing!

Tin in the upper doors and original door knob.
Key hole with lock.

Drawer pulls are not original.
Aunt Dot replaced them many years ago.

Inside left door a hook.

This holds the upper doors shut.
Can see how well used it is!

Now this is the shelf supports.
Have not seen this before.

A long bolt goes from the front to back.

Held in place with a wing nut I believe it is called.
Has a shelf in the upper part and one in lower part.

We think this may be the price someone was selling it for..6.50 or 7.00 it says!
No it is not in pristine condition and must be handled with care but a family treasure none the less!!
I love old primitive farm pieces! Poor folks furniture!
Has more character to me then show pieces that never were used!
Our home is small and we are running out of space for more treasures!
I reckon from now on we as in 'me' will have to think carefully on bringing in any more biggish treasures!!
Oh dear!