Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fall Again!

Welcome to our Fall of 2013 home! Some things are same  as last year but moved around or changed up in some way.  Ghosts on the mantle with some pumpkins.
Antique oak wash stand in dining room.
 Indian corn in a soup tureen on side board.
Old oil lamp on antique desk.
 Living room. Yes that is a TV. We live in 2013! ;-)

 Front window area. Vintage Queen Anne chairs. I changed out the red drapery for these black floral to match dining room.
 Old dough bowl from my Uncle Bree's family filled with smalls.
 Sofa wall with some of my quilts.
Mercury glass pumpkin with stitchery quilt.
Bake lite on old crazed platter. Have this on dining room table.

This is Fall 2013 Part 1 as Blogger would not let me load up more pics on this post!!!

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