Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall comes to the living room...

 This is looking into  our small living room from the entry door. We do not have an entry hall or foyer. You open the door and there you are! My newest Fall quilt on wall behind sofa. Looking into the arch is the dining room.

 Sorry dark pic . My camera is not a new fangled one but good enough for me! This is looking in from the hall way. Yes the monster in the room is the huge fireplace! Have no idea why one so huge was put in this small living room! Do enjoy it though come those cold and damp Winter days! 

 This view is from the dining room. As you can see that is the entry way into the room. We did put down wood laminate there.

 This is a treasure from DH's Grandmother's side. Top and all sides are 1 board wide! Has a lovely faded red paint. Gave the cedar chest DH made in high school, I used to use for many years, to son.

 Shelf on back wall. My small pumpkin quilt hanging there.

 My favorite print. I found a free place online to print out the Fall piece. Forget where!!
Under it is one of my stitcheries.

 Sorry another dark pic. This is back wall with my MIL's old wash stand.

 My niece gave me the Autumn cross stitch piece. I found the cute vintage house  piece at our local DAV Thrift store. Debated on painting the frame so just left it for now.

 Here is the mantle. Yes I painted it black! Looks so much better than the white. Does not jump out at you as much!  Took DH a while to warm up to it! Loaded up with pretty Fall items.

 A pretty framed print heralding Autumn!

 My Jacks Runner on the hearth. They look so happy to be there!
 My other stitchery I placed on mantle. Pretty leaf plates were given to me by my pal Alice last birthday!

 Here is old oak chest top. I have plopped a lot on top of it! Niece did the Tom Turkey piece. Love it! The cat tail piece is another thrift store find! My mercury  glass pumpkin from TJ Maxx.

 One of my pumpkin head people from my craft show days. Stitchery, witch hats and runner all my handy work!

 I took some $ Tree leaves tied on my fake candles with raffia. Love how they look when lit!

Simple Pumpkin topiary . Stacked Walmart faux pumpkins and a leaf garland wrapped around.

Hope you have enjoyed your visit to our 2012 Fall Home Tour!


  1. Way too many goodies packed into that gorgeous room, I think you will have to lend some of them to me.
    Still want to do those cute little ghosties.
    And stack my pumpkins and and and...
    I want to be Lola when I grow up!!!

  2. How cozy and pretty Lola, I love how you've decorated your home. Thank-you for the tour, you've given me a lot of ideas. And yes I agree on the black mantel, so pretty.

  3. Your home looks so lovely and Fallen! Your mantel looks wonderful and you've put together so many cute vignettes.
    Be a sweetie,
    Shelia ;)

  4. your house looks great all decked out for fall and halloweeen


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